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TaiZhou RuiQi Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd.is a professional trial mold of various large-scale bicolor tricolor plastic parts, automobile lamp, automobile lamp shade, automobile bumper and other products. The company has a strong technical development force, has a professional team engaged in large-scale model testing for more than ten years and advanced testing and testing equipment, adheres to the enterprise purpose of "striving for development by science and technology, striving for survival by quality" and the quality policy of "meticulous manufacturing, quality excellence, continuous improvement and ensuring satisfaction", and has formed the end. Good quality system. The automobile lamp and lampshade developed by our company have reached the international first-class level from appearance design to product performance. Products are widely used in the automotive industry and exported to many countries.

We sincerely welcome cooperation with customers from abroad and home.And hope toest-ablish long time partnership and resplen dence.

CopyRight 2019-2023(C)TaiZhou RuiQi Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd.      Address: No.277 Road XinJiang XinQian Street HuangYan TaiZhou ZheJiang Province China.      Phone: 0576-84022020      Fax: 0576-84022020